Is it Possible to Overdose on Kratom?


Kratom, the pain relieving opiate from southeast asia has been becoming more widely used as a means to overcome addiction to harder opiates such as heroin.

With its rising popularity it’s important to understand how kratom overdose works, the signs of kratom overdose, and how to stop it.

Signs of kratom overdose include nausea, increased heart rate, agitation, drowsiness, and in some cases seizures. If you start to exhibit any of the kratom overdose signs it’s important to know what to do.

Fortunately it is nearly impossible for a kratom overdose to be lethal do to the presence of opiate antagonists which increase with higher dosage. Taking the proper amount of kratom leads to the pleasant feeling thanks to the alkaloids; taking too much increases the antagonists to a point where tremors and nausea will become so severe no more can be reasonably ingested.

Once you begin to feel poorly and show signs of nausea the most immediate thing you can do is vomit. This will keep any unabsorbed kratom from getting into your blood. This is most effective within 30-60 minutes of overdose. After which time it will have little or no effect.

If you’ve past that point eating will help abet the overdose however this may be difficult due to the nausea. A full stomach will help mute the high and keep any unabsorbed kratom from quickly being digested.

A small dose of kratom is considered to be around 2 grams. A medium or regular dose of kratom varies but is around 4-6 grams. At 8-10 grams you’ve reached the maximum amount of kratom you can take to see positive euphoric effects and if more is ingested within six hours overdose symptoms may begin to be felt.

Redosing may extend kratoms properties however the euphoria associated with kratom will fade significantly. Taking only once a day is the best mode of use for this purpose.

Taking daily for work will mute the euphoria but will still provide the stimulating pain relieving effects.

Once kratom overdose sets in the main question of how long a kratom overdose lasts will be first in your mind. Luckily the worst of the symptoms will fade after six hours. However full relief won’t likely be felt until the next day.

Drinking plenty of water is important when taking kratom whether or not overdose effects are felt. It also helps nausea when taken in moderation.

If you’re fortunate enough to overdose at a reasonable hour vigorous exercise will always shorten any intoxicant or drug’s duration by increasing the metabolism and burning off the substance.

If you began feeling the effects of a kratom overdose it’s best not to panic. Unless you’ve ingested an absolutely unreasonable amount you will be fine. Sit down. Watch T.V, sleep if you can.

What about kratom tea and kratom pill overdose? Is it similar to powdered leaf overdose? Luckily the means at which the kratom is imbibed doesn’t matter and the side effects of kratom overdose along with the treatment of kratom overdose remain the same.

When taking kratom tea minding how much of a dose of kratom you’re getting in pivotal in avoiding kratom overdose. When taking powdered kratom always measure it out in powdered grams. Kratom pills have how much kratom is in each capsule on the package. Mind your initial dose and take the proper amount.

Always remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best way to prevent kratom overdose is to simply start slow. If you’re drinking beer you start with one at a time, drinking six at once would surely leave you feeling unwell.

Bring that same common sense when using kratom. It is the gentlest and most reliable of the opiates but still deserves to be treated with respect.

That being said the most often way kratom overdose effects are felt is not by taking a large amount at once, it is by redosing.

Redosing is taking more of a medicine or drug after a period of time when it’s found to be ineffective or wearing off.

Knowing when you may be in danger from redosing is not a simple as measuring the initial dose. Many factors contribute to whether or not to redose.

Generally speaking you should wait until at least two hours after taking kratom on an empty stomach before you redose. Also eating before taking kratom will delay and reduce the effects leading to taking to more than you would normally.

If you’ve eaten and taken kratom it would be best to wait at least four hours. You need to give time for the food to fully digest with the kratom on top of waiting for the kratom effects to be felt.

Kratom overdose from a mistake or bad guess of redosing is unpleasant but once you recover you should experience no continuing health effects.

Of course there is also a risk of addiction with kratom. While not as dangerous or habit forming as other opiates many take to perform a taxing job better which leads to daily use.

Daily use of kratom over long time (In excess of a month) will lead to kratom addiction. Kratom addiction puts you at substantially more risk for kratom overdose than normal.

Once the body becomes adapted to the daily use of kratom it will at first reduce the pleasant effects. At the next stage the kratom must be taken to feel normal. When true kratom addiction sets in it must be taken simply to avoid feeling terrible.

Many kratom addiction treatments are available. The best option if it’s available to you is to seek help at an addiction center. If you can’t afford treatment than weaning yourself off is the best option.

Begin by cutting your daily dose in half. It will not be pleasant but it avoids the worst of quitting entirely at one time. Continue at half doses for a week and then reduce them in half again once more for a week.

After two weeks you should be able to cease use entirely. The immediate and worst addiction symptoms will fade. However the depression and lack of energy may very well continue for a full week.

If you find the week of continuing unpleasant symptoms to be putting you at risk for a relapse there are steps to take to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms.

The number on thing you can do is start an exercise routine. Exercise not only does wonders for your body but your mind as well.

Exercise has been shown to be the most effective treatment for depression and lack of energy; kratom withdrawals biggest hitters.

Start slow. Doing too much too fast is the number one way to fail beginning an exercise routine. Start with isometric exercises such as push ups and leg raises. Jogging is a fantastic way to begin as anyone can do it and the fresh air will help reduce the kratom withdrawal symptoms.

If it’s not you but a friend whose taken to much kratom there’s still ways to help. The first thing is to watch them and be mindful of their symptoms incase it become serious.

Working to keep them calm and relaxed is great way to help. Make sure they’re drinking enough water and help them to eat or sleep off the effects.

Certain types of kratom may increase the symptoms of overdose so it’s important to know just what you’ve had too much of. White kratom in particular is known for its coffee like stimulation effects and taking even slightly more than the maximum dosage could lead to increased heart rate, shakiness, and depending on the strain; disassociation.

These could potentially make the overdose seem much worse than it is and be very unpleasant. Certain remedies such as kava kava have been anecdotally reported to ease the nervous symptoms and induce a state of relaxation. However as with any herbal remedy proper quality and research should be done before taking.

Whether kratom overdose occurs by powder, pill, or tea the steps you can take remain the same. Assess the situation; how much of which type have you taken and in what time frame?

Always be mindful of dosage and especially careful when redosing to achieve the desired effect. This is especially true when using any less the exact measuring method.

If kratom addiction is an issue seek help and discontinue use. As with any substance responsible use is key. The main side effect of kratom addiction is having to take kratom to avoid feeling kratom withdrawal symptoms.  

Using these tips as a guide you can deal with kratom overdose and hopefully avoid overdose symptoms and addiction. Knowing what to do and how to prevent the worst of kratoms potential pitfalls will allow you to responsibly use kratom.

So, can you overdose on kratom? The answer is harder than a simple yes or no. As seen it depends on numerous factors all of which are important to consider. Proper knowledge can afford the confidence to make the right decisions.


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