How Long Do The Effects of Kratom Last?


If you’re new to kratom or simply curious you’re probably wondering how long the effects of kratom last or how long kratom withdrawal may last? Find the answers to your questions and more here.

Kratom, the pain relieving powder made from the kratom plant comes in several varieties with different properties to each. Most popular in southeast asia these varieties include red, white, and green.

Each strain of kratom has varying properties including euphoria, pain management, and dissociation. In addition to this each region where said kratom is harvested may contribute it’s own distinct effects.

The name is an indicator of what color you’re getting as well as where it from. Green bali, the most popular, is of the green strain and harvested in Bali. Knowing this and how the region affects the kratom high one can get nearly exactly what one wants every time.

The most widely used and known is the green strain. This strain offers the best euphoria with stimulating and focusing effects. This kratom high last about four to six hours.

The next most widely used kratom is the red. Red kratom produces a more sedating effect and generally is considered to be the most pain relieving.

White is perhaps the most energetic and stimulating of the  three. Certain strains also have dissociative properties. The region where white kratom is harvested will reveal if it has said properties. This makes insuring you are getting the proper white kratom you want more important than the other two strains.

Many factors can contribute to the onset, intensity, and duration of kratom powder.

To feel the effects more immediately it’s recommended taking kratom on an empty stomach. You can take kratom after eating however the effects may be slightly muted and take one or two hours to onset.

When taking kratom on an empty stomach the effects can be felt within 40 minutes or sooner.

Other factors could include medication, drinking alcohol, and hydration. Staying hydrated is key to enjoying the duration of a kratom high.

What you do during a kratom high depends largely on the type and amount of kratom ingested. Red kratom for instance is often used by people who work long hard jobs and require energy, focus, and pain relieving properties.

White kratom is typically used when high energy is required but not necessarily hard or concentration intensive labor. It’s also important to know where your white kratom came from as some strains would leave you feeling very off in a public setting.

Green is the most frequently used for a reason. It encourages focus and energy along with mood improvement at low levels and a pleasant euphoria at higher levels.

Luckily kratom is legal in most areas however if you live in a location where it has been made illegal knowing the different types and duration won’t leave you asking; “Kratom lasts how long? ” When you have to worry about going to work or in public.

Dosage plays a large role in duration as well. Taking a full 10 gram dose will have feeling the effects well later into the day or evening.

Lower doses are much less noticeable and typically run their course in similar time to over the counter pain medicine. Let’s look a few examples.

If you’re taking a 4g dose of red before work on an empty stomach at 6:00am you would start to feel more energy and pain relief by 6:30am. Presuming that’s when your workday starts you could expect to see the effects of kratom last until about 11:00am that morning.

Now say you’ve arrived home and take a large dose, 8g, of the green kratom. Presuming you get home at 5:30pm you would start to feel the effects by 6:00pm and the full feeling by 6:30pm. A dose this large would last you until about midnight that night.

Taking kratom with food drastically changes the onset, intensity, and duration. Upset stomach sometimes occurs when taking without food but this can be negated by taking with orange juice or consuming medium amounts of water.  

If you eat a large breakfast at 6:00am and then take 8g of kratom you wouldn’t feel the effects fully until nearly 8:00am. This is important to know as you may be tempted to redose and end up feeling unwell as lunchtime roles around.

In addition to delaying the onset you wouldn’t feel a sharp increase in energy and mood as you would on an empty stomach which may also lead to redosing. The effects of eating such a large dose on a full stomach would dilute the effects and spread them out until you arrived home at 5:00pm.

Of course if this is what you want there’s no harm in eating and taking kratom however it’s important to know to avoid redosing.

Now if you arrive home at 5:00pm, eat a large dinner, and then take 2g of kratom chances are you will not feel anything at all. You may feel some mood elevation but nothing noticeable.

It’s also important to remember that all of the usual factors can contribute to kratoms duration. As with any medication weight plays a critical role. The same dose of kratom for small woman will not generate a lasting effect in a large man.

Frequent kratom use can also play a major factor in perceived duration. Taking a large dose of kratom several days in a row can mute the euphoric effects leading to the perception that onset is delayed or not occuring.

Redosing can cause the duration window to extend and should of course be taken into consideration. Redosing is generally done one to three hours after the initial dose and thus moves the window of how long it will effect back relative to the amount and starting at the time of the redosing.

Sleeping on kratom can be quite pleasant and can also increase the duration of the high due to the slow down of the metabolism. This may play a factor if you take it right before bed and want to again in the morning.

In addition to wondering how long kratom withdrawal may last it’s important to have an idea of how often use of kratom may lead to it.

If you’ve over indulged for too long and find yourself needing kratom to avoid unpleasant symptoms fear not; the withdrawal is much more forgiving than opiates.

First cut your dose in half before going off. When you stop you may notice diarrhea, depression, stomach pains, pain in the limbs, and an inability to sleep. These symptoms will abed in roughly a week.

Kratom, while much safer than other opiates, still carries a risk of withdrawal symptoms if used too often. How often to use kratom while avoiding withdrawal varies from person to person and circumstance to circumstance.

This disparity of information leads many attempting to answer the question to write off this very important subject. While it’s impossible to give an exact answer there is certainly a consensus in the kratom using community.

Heavy use daily (Above 10g every day.) is alright only in the short term. One could do this for a week and stop without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms.

Moderate use, such as 3g in the morning and three in the evening could be sustained for as long as a month before withdrawal symptoms set in.

Low dosage use daily (4g and under.) will more than likely not lead to withdrawal symptoms however the euphoric effects will fade with prolonged use.

So what’s the best way to use kratom? Generally speaking using no more than two days a week at high dosage or three days at medium to low dosage will preserve the full effects while circumventing any unpleasant feelings when use is stopped.

Mixing kratom and alcohol can also change the effects and duration. While it’s generally not recommended to mix both due to nausea and potential liver damage there are also other reasons.

Drinking during the height of kratoms effects can mute them and cause the duration to seem shorter as less is felt. It may also leads to vomiting or redosing.

So while the answer to how long kratom lasts is quite simple there are many factors to consider when looking at the whole picture.

Everything from amount taken, to food eaten, to individual make up effects kratom’s duration and influences the possibility of withdraw.

When deciding how much to take and when the old adage holds true; you can always take more, you can never take less. Kratom has a reputation of being much safer than other opiates to the point where it is often the best and only option for those no longer taking heroin.

It has tremendous value as a pain reliever and when used responsibly can be used recreationally. However as when starting any new medicine it’s always best to research and decide what’s best for yourself.


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