Maeng Da Kratom Strain: Effects & Dosage


Kratom is an organic, natural herb which can affect users in different ways. In the past, it was often used throughout Southeast Asia to treat fatigue, coughs and diarrhea. Today, Kratom can aid with opioid withdrawal, insomnia, chronic pain and also acts as a stimulant. 

Kratom is broken down into three strains; white, green and red. As the herb grows in a number of countries, from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, it is often labelled according to the country of origin. This article looks into Maeng Da specifically, focussing on its benefits and effects. 

What is Maeng Da Kratom?

Maeng Da is a popular strain known for its potency, and although it originally came from Thailand, strains of Maeng Da can be found in Indonesia and Malaysia.

In Thai, ‘Maeng Da’ is used as a slang term for ‘pimp’ and when used to refer to Kratom, it insinuates the ‘pimp grade’ or ‘top grade quality’. Some strains of Kratom are man made, with Maeng Da being one of them. It is believed that a process called ‘grafting’ is used to breed together different strains of Kratom, often resulting in a super strain which offers stronger effects. 

Due to the intensity of the alkaloids (mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine) in Maeng Da, the leaves and powder are much darker than other strains of Kratom, making it easy to identify.[1] 

Maeng Da Effects and Benefits 

The effects of Maeng Da are much stronger than other types of Kratom, and it’s due in part to being man made that the potency is higher. Users enjoy taking the herb to:

  • Enhance their mood 

Depending on the dosage, Maeng Da can induce euphoria, or provide the user with a calm, positive state of mind. 

  • Stimulate and boost productivity 

People who struggle to fit everything into their busy lifestyle might turn to Maeng Da as it gives the user enhanced concentration, as well as an energy boost to help them complete tasks efficiently. 

  • Reduce fatigue 

As the herb acts as a stimulant, fatigue sufferers will find that the effects of Maeng Da override their fatigue, however in higher dosages it can act as a sedative, so using the right amount is essential.

  • Treat pain

As Kratom contains analgesic qualities, many users find it helps with chronic pain, as well as pains associated with opioid withdrawal.[2] 

Types of Maeng Da Kratom 

The different strains of Maeng Da will have unique effects on the user, and require different dosage amounts. Although there are some common themes among the effects of red, white and green Kratom in general, small differences are introduced amongst different breeds. 

Red Maeng Da

Red Maeng Da is often thought of as the most powerful type of Maeng Da. It is commonly used for pain relief and as an energy boost. 

White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da gives users a calm and soothing effect, and acts as a stimulant, encouraging productivity throughout the day. Although it isn’t as strong as its red counterpart, the effects may last longer with white Maeng Da.[3]

Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da is believed to be fairly potent, but induces the user into clear, calm states in which they can continue with their daily activities. Some users turn to green Maeng Da as an antidepressant, finding its calming effects helpful at soothing anxiety.[4]

Maeng Da Dosage Amounts 

Kratom is generally consumed using three methods; in tea, powder form or in capsules. It’s important to note that the form of consumption can affect how quickly and potently the substance will affect the user. 

Many users find that ingesting Kratom in the powder form, or in tea if the taste of the powder is too overpowering, is the best way to feel the effects quickly. Using capsules takes longer as the casing needs time to dissolve. 

Kratom is also often mixed together, users find they can balance out different strains to achieve the results they desire. 

As Maeng Da is highly potent, users should always start off with a small dosage and build up. In dosages of 2 grams or less, the herb will induce mild energy boosts and enhance mental focus and clarity. As the dosage amount increases, the effects will become stronger. 

Dosages above 5 grams for Maeng Da run the risk of inducing sedative effects, which may suit those looking to treat insomnia, but would be counterproductive for users who want more energy. Users should be aware that Kratom can cause dependency. 







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