Vietnam Kratom: Effects & Dosage


Vietnam Kratom is said to originate near the Mekong Delta, a famous part of the country well known for having rich minerals. The Kratom plant (Mitragyna speciosa) requires special conditions to grow, and with Vietnam having a diverse climate, only certain areas have the right conditions. 

Whilst it has been popular throughout Vietnam for many years, users worldwide are now learning more about this strain, which is generally used for its pain relief, relaxation and stimulating properties. As with Thailand and other Eastasian countries, Kratom is a controlled substance in Vietnam.[1]

Vietnam Kratom Effects and Benefits 

Kratom comes in many different strains, from a number of countries. Each type of Kratom has its own unique effects, as well as general common benefits that are produced by the alkaloids in the leaves. The main alkaloids which cause the brain’s opioid receptors to react are called mitragynine and hydroxymitragynine-7

Research has shown that these two alkaloids have similar effects to when opioids are taken, and that contributes to why many people turn to Kratom to treat opioid withdrawal symptoms

Other benefits of Vietnam Kratom include:


In controlled doses, Vietnam Kratom alongside other types of Kratom, is a fantastic way to boost energy levels and stimulation. Many users find it helps with enhancing productivity and can increase focus and mental clarity. 


Stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia are all ailments which Kratom can help with. When taken in larger dosages, it can create a sedating effect on the user, helping those who struggle to sleep or suffer from stress. Users who take Kratom for its relaxing properties tend to use it in the evening or at night, as it can hamper completing daily tasks. 

Enhanced Mood and Euphoria

When the alkaloids from Kratom affect the brain, chemicals like serotonin and dopamine are released, which can greatly improve the users mood. Feelings of positivity and euphoria can be experienced, helping those who need uplifting on a rough day. 

Pain Relief 

As the alkaloids attach to the opioid receptors in the brain, the user’s perception of pain can be altered, helping those who suffer with chronic pain or opioid withdrawal. Many users find that Kratom treats their aches and pains sufficiently without having to take prescribed medication alongside the herb, but users seeking this benefit should always consult with their GP before stopping medication. 

Types of Vietnam Kratom

Vietnam Kratom is broken down into the colors of the veins that run through the leaf. Each color holds its own properties, and in general green strains are considered to be the most potent types of Kratom. 

Many strains can be mixed to balance out the effects, with users preferring to mix stronger and milder types together to achieve their desired outcome.[2]

Green Vietnam Kratom

Green Vietnam Kratom is the most potent strain and is often used for pain relief. Users tend to find that its potency isn’t as overpowering as other types of Kratom, so it can be used throughout the day for chronic pain relief whilst still completing daily tasks. 

Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Yellow Vietnam can improve alertness and focus, whilst simultaneously relaxing the user. It is useful for its calming effects without clouding the mind, so users who have a task or project to focus on can do so without fear of becoming sleepy or distracted. 

White Vietnam Kratom

White Vietnam is a great stimulator as well as mood enhancer, and can bring on euphoria depending on the dosage amount. It is effective for those who may have anxiety when in social situations, as it can boost confidence and put users into a ‘feel good’ state of mind

Red Vietnam Kratom

Red Vietnam is milder than other red strains of Kratom, which makes it a relaxing option for those suffering with stress and anxiety. In larger quantities, it can improve sleep, mood and work as an effective pain reliever.[3] 

Vietnam Kratom Dosage

Working out the right dosage amount for Kratom depends on the strain, potency and the desired effects. New users should always begin with a small amount between 0-2 grams, waiting up to 40 minutes before the effects fully begin. 

As a general guide, 8 grams and above is considered a strong dosage, which can bring on sedation and hinder users from performing daily tasks.

Kratom runs the risk of building dependency so users should space out their dosages to enjoy the full benefits of the natural healing substance, without experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the herb.[2]







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