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Insomnia and problems sleeping can be life altering and highly problematic. We all know the feeling of going to work after a restless night of tossing and turning, and for many, traditional treatments just don’t work. This has led people to try using natural herbal treatments, such as Kratom. More commonly known for its stimulating effects, some forms of Kratom are also great when used to induce sleep. Taken in the form of capsules, leaves or powder, it has ample benefits for helping you get your full eight hours of snooze time. 

Does Kratom help you sleep?

A lot of sleep issues occur due to anxiety or stress. As these are factors that can’t always be dealt with, Kratom can act as natural calming treatment, easing worries and tension. Kratom contains a compound, also known as alkaloids, called mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. They have a number of effects on the user which can aid sleep. [1]

Pain reduction

Depending on the strain, Kratom can provide immense relief for those dealing with chronic pain, migraines, body aches and digestion problems. It has been used medicinally in Southeast Asia for many years to treat such ailments. 

Stress relief 

Due to the reaction mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine have on the opioid receptors in the brain, the user will begin to feel calm and feeling of anxiety and stress should wash away during consumption. 


Some strains of Kratom have high potency levels, and depending on the dosage can cause users to feel sleepy. This, alongside the other side effects, means that for those suffering with insomnia or disturbed sleep patterns, Kratom may be able to aid them in having a better night’s sleep. 

What strain of Kratom is the best for sleep? 

Insomnia and sleep disturbances can happen for a number of reasons; stress, trauma, anxiety and physical pain are all problems that can be treated with the right type of Kratom. 

There are three main strains of Kratom, red, green and white. It’s important to know which strain works for you, as they all have different effects. The colours refer to the vein of the Kratom leaf, which changes depending on the type of Kratom and where it originates from.  The red strain is most commonly used for its sedating elements, while white and green give more energizing and stimulating effects. Red vein offers calm and soothing effects, in addition to aiding sleep quality and length. Depending on the type of Kratom and its origins, some types of the red vein can be more potent than others. 

What is the best Kratom for Insomnia? 

We have composed a list of the best types of Kratom to help get a good night’s sleep. Different strains have different benefits, however these red vein strains have been noted in particular for their sleep inducing effects. 

Red Maeng Da

This is a good option for those looking for pain relief, anxiety reductions and a deep sleep. Out of all the different types of Kratom, Red Maeng Da offers long lasting effects, however it does take it’s time to kick in, so users should be patient whilst waiting for the tiredness to take over. 

Red Bali Kratom

This is an extremely well known strain of Kratom, and its users love it for its relaxing and painkiller traits. Originating from Indonesia, it induces sleep when taken in moderate dosages. A great benefit of taking Red Bali is that it doesn’t leave users feeling groggy when they wake up, making it the perfect choice for those who work and need to be alert in the morning. 

Red Borneo Kratom

This strain of Kratom is known for treating anxiety, depression, pain and stress. With these ailments gone, users can look forward to having a decent sleep, feeling calm and relaxed. Depending on the dosage, it can either cause the user to feel sleepy, or increase concentration, so users need to experiment and find the right dosage that works for them. 

Red Sumatra Kratom

Originating from Sumatra, this form of Kratom is also well known for its sleep inducing effects. Users can take it in capsule form or mix it in with tea, to have as a soothing nightcap before going to bed. Good quality Red Sumatra can last upto 10 hours long, and is also known for reducing feelings of depression and anxiety. [2]

How much Kratom should be taken before sleeping?

Knowing how much to take will depend on the user’s experience with Kratom. If they have a high tolerance, they may need to take a larger dose, whereas new users must start off with a very low dosage and increase it as they gain experience with the herb. 

Here are some guidelines that can be followed:

  • If the user has a low tolerance,  2-3 grams should be a good starting point. 
  • For average users, try a dosage of 3-5 grams to achieve a sleepy effect.
  • High tolerance users can increase the dosage to up to 7 grams, however it’s important to be aware that Kratom causes dependency and users can easily build up a tolerance to its effects. 

Kratom should be consumed around 1-2 hours before sleeping. If the user has never tried Kratom for insomnia before, a good test is to take the herb during the day, so that the user can assess how potent and sleepy it makes them (without the factor of natural tiredness involved). If the user just wants relaxation more than sleep inducing effects, taking Kratom around 3-6 hours prior to sleeping should be effective. [3]

Taking Kratom for treatment purposes is relatively new in the western world. It is not FDA approved, and can have serious side effects, so new and current users must take care and use Kratom responsibly to enjoy its many benefits. All users have different experiences when taking Kratom, so it is advised to start off with a very small amount and build up as required. When used correctly, it can open the door of relief to many ailments and conditions. 




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