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Kratom has become one of the latest natural herbal treatments on the market, and its uses for pain relief, opioid withdrawal and stimulation are just some of the effects that have come to light. 

For new users, and some experienced Kratom users, the amount of variety that is available can be confusing, and choosing the strain which is right for each user takes some pre-research. As well as the different names, there are also some that hold the title ‘Super’. Many wonder; what is the actual difference between Super and regular Kratom?

What does Super Kratom mean?

Super Kratom is the name given to certain types of Kratom that have been harvested differently to regular Kratom. The Mitragyna Speciosa is the plant where all Kratom comes from, but to get the Super type, intricately and painstakingly, only the most mature leaves are picked.

No stem must be mixed in with the leaves, and the largest leaves are the focus, as the increase of surface area means that the leaf contains more alkaloids.

Alkaloids are the main chemical compounds which cause Kratom to affect humans the way it does. They attach to the brain receptors, creating feelings of euphoria, and blocking pain receptors in a similar way to painkillers. 

The two main alkaloids are called mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. It’s the increase of these two chemicals which cause these leaves to be labelled as ‘Super’.[1] 

What is the difference between Super Kratom and regular? 

Regular Kratom is known for many different effects. Some users take Kratom for insomnia, whilst others turn to it to beat fatigue and gain a boost of energy. It’s also known to increase concentration, treat pain and has been used for coughs and diarrhea. These effects are caused depending on the type, or strain, of Kratom and the dosage amount. 

The three main strains are broken down into; Red, Green and White Veins. The colors symbolises the color of the vein that runs down the leaf, and often names are given to the leaves depending on their country of origin. 

The primary difference between Super Kratom and regular is the concentration of alkaloids. Due to its large surface, Super strains have more alkaloids, creating a higher potency level which will mean stronger effects when consumed. 

Types of Super Kratom

There are many regular species to choose from, and number of super options. Below is listed some of the most popular super strains:  


Super Indo, originating from Indonesia, is a well known strain that provides relief from anxiety, an increase in focus, all accompanied with feelings of happiness and euphoria (depending on the dosage). It isn’t the strongest strain, however the effects take place with the user feeling calm and relaxed, so they can go about their daily activities as normal.[2]

Super Green Maeng Da 

The regular version of Maeng Da is well known, and its Super counterpart also has well received effects. Depending on the quantity consumed, users might feel strong stimulation, energized, mild euphoria and increased focus. This type of Kratom has a shorter duration of effects compared to others. [3]

Super Green Malay

This type of Kratom strain is popularly used for mental calmness, energy booster and pain relief. Super Green Malay, which originates from Malaysia, is said to be one of the smoothest at brain stimulation compared to regular strains, due to its potency and high number of alkaloids.[4]

Super Red 

This is an all red strain, other types may be mixes of different strains. Super Red has similar effects to super green, giving the user increased mood and mild feelings of euphoria. It is also used for pain relief.[5]

Dosage guide for super kratom

The dosage can really affect how Kratom affects the brain and body, and this differs depending on the user. The guidelines are higher for Super strains are as the effects will be much stronger, especially on first use.  Here is a rough guide for Super Kratom: 

  • Threshold dose: 1-2 grams
  • Light dose: 2-4 grams
  • Moderate dose: 3-5 grams
  • High dose: 4-8 grams  

As with taking any unregulated herbal treatment, the effects can widely differ. One user found that the super green strain was intolerable when taken at their normal dosage amount. New users to Kratom should exercise caution with dosage levels. It is best to start off with a small amount and increase if needed, especially if starting with a super strain as the potency will be much stronger than regular types. 








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