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How could we determine the best place to Buy Kratom in Calgary, Alberta? We’ve layed out the criteria we use to decide which distributor was worthy of a feature on our page.

We previously researched several online vendors and highlighted the best, based on harvesting practices, quality, and available strains; you can find all of this information in a previous article which goes over the most trusted Kratom retailers in Canada. As we went through all the online vendors we realized that many people still prefer to buy their products in store. With this information, we’ve decided to write a series of articles to help you identify the best in-store vendors in all the major Canadian cities. Finding reliable and trustworthy vendors for Kratom in Calgary isn’t easy but they are out there. 

Top Criteria – Finding a Kratom Calgary Shop

The herbal Kratom is still very much unregulated. This is why it´s rather difficult to find a trustworthy vender that sells a high quality product. The source of much of the Kratom on shelves today is unknown. This is precisely why if you´re planning to buy from an in store location, you´ll want to do your research first. Due to the lack of regulation on Kratom products sold in store it´s always best to be cautious with what you find on the shelves. If you´re unsure what you should be looking for in a Kratom vendor, click here we´ll provide you with some guidance. 

Customer Service & Knowledge

Walk into any Kratom store and you’ll quickly get a sense whether the staff know what they´re selling. Staff knowledge and attentiveness is a huge key to knowing whether the shop you’re buying from is a trusted one.  We´d suggest asking lots of questions about the products in order to check if the staff are well informed about their product line. They should be able to share with you information on the source of their Kratom as well as specifics relating to the product. If the staff are unhelpful, lack the knowledge, or are simply wanting to make a sale, these are clear indicators it´s probably best to shop elsewhere. 

Harvesting Practices

Information on how the Kratom is harvested from the source is something you should be looking into. Also, the time of year of the harvest is an additional factor of importance when selecting a vendor.

Quality & Purity

The two considerations which are undoubtedly the most important when it comes to the actual product, is quality & purity. In order to know whether the Kratom you´re buying stands up to high standards, it´s best to look into the level of testing it has undergone. Extensive data from third party testing conducted at the source and throughout the distribution stage are vitally important. Lab tests for purity and quality will be able to verify details such as whether the product contains contaminants or not.

Strains Available

When selecting a vendor, it´s often a good idea to check their product line for the strains they offer. Once you trust one vendor you´re unlikely to want to switch. Vendors  offering only a few strains may not have high appeal for the buyer.

Top Calgary Kratom Vendor

You may have discovered that when looking for a Kratom vendor in Calgary, many online searches turn up empty. It can be frustrating when you´re lead to general head shops/smoke shops or websites which are incredibly misleading. After spending days on end searching for an in store vendor we have realized that the best place to buy kratom in Calgary is still online, at least for now. Before we direct you to the top online vendors we’d like to first caution you about a website called Calgary Kratom. This site appears in the searches for Calgary Kratom shops but If you visit the URL you’ll see it’s not in Calgary at all. The location listed on the contact page is actually in England. Follow along to another page and you get a map of the USA with information to an office in New York. It seems like the site has been published accidentally, we would hope. It’s incredibly unclear about what they’re offering Our tip, stay away!

If you were really set on buying in store, don’t be too upset, there are many incredible benefits still to buying online .

Why Buy Kratom Online

  • Wider selection
  • Lower prices
  • Shipped to your door
  • Convenient option

Top Online Canadian Kratom Vendors for Calgary

For more online kratom vendors in Canada, take a look at the full list of the best of the best.

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