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Extensive research into online vendors of Kratom, provided us with a list of the best of the best based on quality, harvesting practices and strains available. The information gathered was compiled together in an informative list of  The Best Places To Buy Kratom Online in Canada. Buying online is the preferred method of many customers however, some still prefer a face to face interaction. Walking into a physical store to pick up their products is often the more comfortable way for many customers to buy. If you’re one of these people, then this article will be highly beneficial for you!  We decided to dive back into the research and pull out the best in store vendors in all of the major Canadian cities. Finding reliable and trusted kratom Winnipeg vendors on your own isn’t easy, that´s why we´re here to help.

In our research, we’ve found  the top distributor of kratom in store. Now, the big question, how did we determine the best place to Buy Kratom in Winnipeg? We‘ve put together a list of criteria that we’ve used when conducting our research.

Top Criteria – Finding a Kratom Winnipeg Shop

There is plenty of controversy still around kratom and even more talk around how the product should be regulated. Due to the fact the herbal is highly unregulated means that it’s very difficult to identify a vendor you can trust. Looking for a high quality kratom product at a fair price isn’t impossible but it´s not a cake walk either. Much of the kratom you find on shelves today are from unidentified sources. For obvious reasons, it´s best to steer clear of vendors who can´t share their source information with you. If buying in store, we always advise you to be extra cautious. Just because it´s sold on the shelves, doesn’t make it safe, pure, or free from contaminants.  For anyone unsure of what to look for when buying kratom in store, have no fear, we´re here to provide you with all the guidance you’ll need.

Customer Service & Knowledge

The level of customer service and staff knowledge is a large indicator as to the legitimacy of a business, especially one claiming to sell high quality herbals. If you enter into a shop and ask questions about a product and find the staff clueless about what they´re selling, this may be cause for concern. We´d be questioning whether the particular vendor is trusted or not. Make sure they´re able to share information on the source of the kratom they sell, as well as specifics relating to the product. If they cannot answer these basic questions, a red flag should be raised. In addition, unfriendly staff who only to care about making a sale, aren´t the type of people we´d suggest buying from.

Harvesting Practices

Find out how the product is harvested and at what time of year it’s harvested. This information will also help with determining the quality and purity of the product.

Quality & Purity

No matter where you buy from, two of the most important considerations to make are concerning quality and purity. It´s vital to research the vendor you´re planning to buy from. Take a close look into their source and find out which tests are conducted on the product. Important questions to ask are, ´has extensive testing been done at the source stage?´and ´before distribution, is the product tested for contaminants and purity?. Third party lab testing is a must; make sure the vendor you’re purchasing from has records proving these tests have been carried out. Also, if you contact the vendor directly, they should be able to provide you with results of the tests carried out.

Strains Available

Although not the most important, a vendor offering more than one strain is typically more desirable. Availability and selection is a secondary consideration but one we´ve taken into account when selecting the best vendors.

Best Kratom Shop in Winnipeg – Where to Buy Kratom in Winnipeg

If you’re finding it difficult to track down a retail shop for Kratom in Winnipeg, KustomKulture may be exactly the shop you’ve been looking for. More than just a Headshop, this Winnipeg based vendor sells three strains of high quality Kratom. They cover White Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, and Red Maeng Da. Available strains are sold in  25g or 100g packages. The shop itself has been in business since 1995 and is well established in the Winnipeg area. They have a strong reputation in the market and are highly trusted. 

KustomKulture falls into the hybrid category of a shop online/ pick up in person service. They offer all the convenience to shop at your leisure online, place your order, and pick it up when you’d like. KustomKulture not only sells a darn good product, they’re also incredibly fast when it comes to filling your online order. Within as early as 1 hour, your order can be filled and ready for your to receive it. Planning to place an order and pick it up right away? The company advises you to call 204-947-0810 to make sure your order is ready before you come by.

Customer reviews praise this head shop for their exceptional level of customer service and staff knowledge. The quality and purity of their products is also something theircustomers are consistently commenting on.

  • Headshop selling a variety of products, not solely Kratom 
  • Shop online or In-store
  • Unbeatable customer service
  • Price matching
  • Coupons and offers avaialble often (check online)


  • Limited selection of kratom strains



Phone:  1 (204) 453 7473 or online contact form

Email: retail@kustomkultureshop.com

For general inquiries, it´s best to contact KustomKulture via email.

You can also find them on FB, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube 

What´s The Final Verdict – Kratom Manitoba

Although KustomKulture doesn’t offer a massive selection of Kratom products, they do provide some of the best strains out there. Their product line of kratom is of incredibly high quality and guaranteed to be pure and contaminant free. They hold a strong presence across their social media channels and are continuously providing information and updates on their new products, news and events relating to kratom, and other beneficial information. The KustomKulture shop in Winnipeg Manitoba is really your one stop shop! Check it out today in store or online.

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