Golden Monk Kratom Review 2019


Golden Monk Kratom ★★★★★

Golden Monk Kratom Review 2019

Ordering: Golden Monk Kratom’s website is the most informative in the industry. The site is easy to navigate. Placing an order is straightforward with no account required. In brief, pick and choose what you want then checkout.

Packaging: Very professional, It was discreet, and the product packaged in a resealable bag.

Communication: Great Customer Service. Fast, Friendly, and Honest. I sent Golden Monk Kratom an email and received a response within 24 hours. All my questions answered professionally. I received all confirmations emails and tracking number on the same day.

Product/Price: I received 50 gram of Red Maeng Da, 50 gram of White Indonesian, 50 gram of Red Vein Bali, 50 gram of Super Green Malay, 50 gram of Red Vein Borneo. My most favorite strain is the Red Vein Bali it packs a punch. This strain is very relaxing and puts me right to sleep. I usually only order Red Vein and was very happy that they picked out the best varieties. New members can receive 10% off with coupon code: firstorder10. Furthermore, the product quality is the best I have seen so far 100% Organic.

Price is standard across the board. Every vendor has more or less the same pricing in Canada. Most of all, the deal breaker for me was when I learned about their “Golden Monk Kratom Club.” Golden Monk Kratom will send a coupon by email after your first purchase. You can receive 5%, 10%. 15% and up to 20% on subsequent purchases.

Notes: Worth checking Golden Monk Kratom out if you’re looking to get high-quality products and professional service. Personally, the website created was the winner in my mind. Everything was well thought out and designed with care. The information on the site was beneficial and presented neatly. Finally, Golden Monk Kratom is the best site I have been to so far regarding effort. They are up and coming and put extra care into customers and prospects.

The Golden Monk Kratom Coupon Code

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  1. Agreed on the excellent quality. However, I’m quite floored on their shipping rates for local delivery within Victoria (on orders below $100). !2.95-16.50 for a small parcel is outrageous! That’s tacking on a lot of extra dough when I could realistically just pick up the order from them as they’re only 5km away from me. They really need to make some adjustments to make their product more accessible to loyal, local customers. I shouldn’t be paying flat shipping to Eastern Canada when I live around the corner from them. If they change this, I will continue to spread the good word about their incredible product.

  2. Just did my first order….best price and excellent product. I live in rural Alberta….ordered on Tuesday morning and received Thursday morning with FREE SHIPPING! They have just become my sole supplier!

  3. I just ordered (tonight), my first ever trial pack, I am disappointed that you guys did not give me a discount as a new member..maybe you add another sample?!
    D. MORSE

  4. Awful company. Claims to be satisfaction guaranteed but I bought a kilo and half was absolute shit, awful colour, smell, taste. They promised to send me new kratom and never did- complete waste of $150. Totally ignored my emails asking what’s going on.

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