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where to buy kratom online in canada?

The Best Kratom Vendors in Canada

Kyrpton, Ketum, Biak-Biak, Kakuam, Thang and Thom, are other known names for Kratom,  botanically known as Mitragyna Speciosa. This naturally occurring tropical evergreen tree is from the same family as the coffee plant. Traditionally used in Southeast Asia for its medical value. Now-a-days, many people are experimenting with its use in herbal medicine as well as aromatherapy. Due to the current discussion around Kratom, it is becoming difficult to find a quality and reliable source to buy. If you’re unsure where to start looking to buy Kratom in Canada, we’ve rounded up a number of reputable vendors to help you out as well as some handy informational reviews to go along. Also, if you’re thinking you can only buy Kratom in one form, think again; for a quick guide on the different forms of Kratom available stick around until the end.

We’ve taken a look at the best places to buy kratom online in Canada to determine who is offering the best service, and top quality Kratom. We have decided to compare them on the following: Available strains, quality, and harvesting practices. The rating has been provided based on an analysis of online reviews and overall buying satisfaction of customers. Take a look below at our top 5 most recommended Kratom vendors.

the best kratom plants

* Before going any further into discussion, we’d like to remind you that any of the information you’re about to read is in no way an endorsement for Kratom for human consumption. It is simply a representation of information gathered on the best places to buy Kratom Online in Canada for those who are interested in purchasing it.

1. Canada Kratom Store


Canada Kratom store (formerly Toronto Kratom) has been shown to be the number one Kratom vendor in Canada. Their store is definitely worth the visit.  With the highest quality of Kratom in Canada, straight from the source and tested domestically, with prices that can’t be beat.  The website is well put together, and we have heard nothing but good things about the customer service – they are prompt to respond and orders are processed quickly.

Unfortunately there is not much supplemental information on their site about the product, but this is to be expected for the aromatic herb.  The shipping is fast and there are regular discounts at their shop.  Check them out today and select your strains.

Read our Full Review of Canada Kratom Store

2. HMG Kratom

HMG Kratom review

HMG Kratom provides high quality kratom powder, shipped from BC. They price match and already offer great low prices, sample packs and more. Great shipping times and packaging, we recommend HMG Kratom for fast shipping to western Canada.

Read Our Full Review of HMG Kratom

3. Golden Monk Kratom

golden monk kratom logo

Beginning as a start up in 2016, Golden Monk Kratom has taken after their sister company in the United States, who has been sourcing their kratom from independent Indonesian based suppliers since 2012. Organically harvesting and never acquired through a plantation, Golden Monk Kratom differentiates themselves by sourcing their kratom from the wild. They make sure their supplier only plants in suitable natural environments and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure there are no contaminants in their product. Harvests are handpicked and following testing, are ground into a powder before being acquired but the company.

They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30 day risk free trial of the product. The high integrity of this company and continued mission to deliver the best quality product is definitely something that makes them one of the best.

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4. Triple Loud

triple loud

Triple loud is a new place to order kratom online. Check them out for some good quality, fast service and low prices.

5. Kratom Active

kratom active logo review

Going by the tag line, Activate Your Life, the Vancouver based company does an incredible job of promoting its objectives of offering a premium quality product at a reasonable price. All of their kratom is sourced organically and is sustainable. The main differentiating factor that elevates this vendor is that they are highly concentrated on ensuring that their source is drying the kratom in a way that maintains alkaloid content. This alkaloid content is what gives the product its strength and benefits which is why the maintenance of it is vitally important. Added bonus for first time customers – sign up to their mailing list for 10% your first order!

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Is Kratom Legal in Canada?

Kratom is currently legal to purchase and possess in Canada. This herb is labeled for “scientific purposes” and not for human consumption. Want to learn more? Read our article, “Is Kratom Legal in Canada?” to find out detailed information on it’s legal status and recent news.

What to Consider When You Buy Kratom Online in Canada

Not sure where you should be looking online when trying to find a vendor? More importantly then where, is the question of how. How to select the best places to buy Kratom online can be determined by the following.

1. Quality of Product

All of the Canadian vendors we’ve listed in this article follow rigorous testing for quality and inspection to ensure their strains meet high standards of quality. Make sure on their site they clearly state that quality testing is completed often and at multiple stages. Things you want to keep your eye out for are their claims on freshness, cleanliness, drying and packing processes etc.

2. Point of Harvest

The highest ecological Kratom will come from independent suppliers rather than through plantation farming. If ecological is something that is important to you, we advice checking with the vendor as to specifically where their Kratom is coming from. Do not assume that the Kratom one supplier is selling will be of the same standard of another; always do your background checks and remember, if a site is not willing to share this information with you then  there may be something they’re not telling you about their product.

3. Ecobotanical vs Kratom specific sites

Simply put, ecobotanical sites will contain a variety of other plants and herbal products. You can most definitely find good quality Kratom on these sites however we have found better results when looking to Kratom specific sites. Sites only selling Kratom, tend to have more information on the product as well as harvesting details and quality control management, all of which are extremely important to know before you make your purchase decision.

Forms of Kratom Canada You Can Purchase

Kratom can be bought in many forms; commonly as a powder but Kratom capsules can also be found, as well as extracts, tinctures, and kratom tea.

Kratom Powder

Exactly as it sounds, kratom power is essentially finely crushed up leaves that have been pulverized into a powder. This is the most common form and also the most widely available. If purchasing kratom powder, it’s important to look into where the product is coming form, how it was harvested and the overall purity of the product.

Kratom Capsules

where to buy kratom capsules

You can buy Kratom capsules from many online vendors, mostly from the USA. This form of kratom is often more expensive than purchasing in powder, is difficult to determine the dosage, and takes longer to have an effect. Many buyers use this form as a convenient way to use their kratom.

Kratom Extract & Tinctures

Those wanting kratom in a more concentrated form often look to extracts and tinctures. An extract is a convenient and effective way to benefit from the properties of kratom. Tinctures are one of the fastens acting forms of kratom and are of high potency. If you plan on purchasing extracts or tinctures and/or would like to make your own, make sure you have done your research!

Kratom Tea

Although many sites advise against consuming kratom internally or using it externally, due to the lack of research around the herb, Kratom tea is available for purchase at your own risk. Traditionally the tea was made by steeping the leaves in hot water and drinking it pure. Today, you can find crushed leafs pre-packaged, which many then use just as if they were making a regular cup of tea. Reviews state that with tea, it is easier to control the dosage of kratom by simply letting it steep for more or less time or in the case that you are dissolving the amount entirely in water, adding more will as a result increase its potently. As a side note, Kratom tea is not known to be the tastiest thing on the earth, so that’s something to keep in mind if you do plan to brew a cup.

FAQ About Buying Kratom in Canada

  • How can I buy the best kratom online Canada vendor?

If you want to find the best kratom vendors in Canada, you’ll want to read up on their quality and harvesting practices. Websites which have not openly disclosed this information, should raise a red flag for you. Information not included in regards to the quality, freshness, and stability of their products often comes across as if the company is trying to hide something. Take extra precaution with these vendors and always be sure to email or call if you have any concerns or are requiring further information.

  • Can I consume Kratom?

Many vendors explicitly say on their sites that if they receive an questions about the consumption of their product, they will immediately cancel your pending order and shut down your account. Based on reviews, Kratom has shown to provide positive results for those using it while at the same time, negative results for others; medical research is inconclusive. Consume at your own risk.

  • Why are Kratom capsules in Canada difficult to find?

Only some kratom vendors will sell kratom in capsule form and this is heavily in part to the fact that capsule form often implies a use for human consumption AND considering kratom has not been approved by Health Canada for internal or external use, many vendors refrain from producing and selling kratom capsules to avoid being labeled as encouraging kratom as a herbal drug.

  • With so many good kratom vendors in Canada, why would I use any from the USA?

Of course, if a vendor in Canada doesn’t carry the variety you are looking for then you may look to the United States for other options. This however is not the only reason why one would purchase from the USA. One main reason why Canadian buyers at the moment are choosing to purchase Kratom from a US site is due to ease of payment in purchasing the product. At the moment, payment via credit card, through Canadian sites mostly has been frozen. The reason provided but the card companies is because of the inability to offer insurance on herbs. With normal credit card purchases, guarantees are offered and you are protected for returns and exchanges; essentially the credit card companies are saying now that for kratom, they will not be held responsible to insure the product. More US vendors are offering payment by bitcoins now as well, thus making them a desirable choice when it comes to users who are looking to use this form of payment.

Top Places Where To Buy Kratom in Canada

There are many places you can find Kratom, but many vendors or not quality, especially if you are looking your local area, not in a professional shop. Depending on where you live in Canada, you may want to purchase locally, so read our local guides for more info.

Kratom in Ontario

Kratom in Quebec

Kratom in Alberta

The top listed vendors, ordered by overall quality, for Kratom in Canada are displayed in the table below. We’re decided to compare them on the following: Available strains, quality, and harvesting practices. A rating has been provided of either 1,2, or 3  based on an analysis of online reviews and overall buying satisfaction of customers. The 1 is indicative of a superior quality product that has clearly outlined their quality testing and harvesting practices. A 2 is a trusted vendor who discloses some information on their practices, and 3 is a site that seems to be reputable however due to a lack of openly disclosed information on quality testing and harvesting practices they have received a low rating.  

Vendor Strains / Product Line

As advertised on website

Quality Testing / Harvesting

As advertised on website


OR Kratom

Specific (K)

Review Rating
Canada Kratom Maeng Da, Bali, Borneo, Indonesian, Malay, Thai
  • Independent Indonesian based supplier
  • Handpicked at maturity
  • Dried by natural practices
Kratom Specific 1
Golden Monk Kratom

Victoria, BC


Maeng Da, Bali (horned), Borneo, Malay (Indo), Blends & Variety Packs
  • Pure harvesting
  • Gathered directly from the source in South Asia
Kratom Specific 1
Divine Shaman

Burnaby, BC

Indonesian, Bali, Malaysian, Thailand, Kratom extracts, Custom kratom kits
  • High testing completed to ensure they only sell the top strains
  • Harvesting practices not fully specified
Kratom Specific 2
Arena Botanicals

Location not disclosed

Meang Da, Bali, Thai, Vietnam
  • No mention of harvesting practices
  • Fresh grinding service offered
Ecobotanical 3
Galactic Botanicals

Location not disclosed

Maeng Da, Bali, Malaysian, Thai
  • Sourced from freshly dried leaves
  • Pesticide free herbarium species
  • No enhanced or synthetic varieties
  • Fair trade & Ethical
Ecobotanical 3
Canada Kratom Express

Vancouver, BC

Maeng Da, Bali, Malay, Thai, Hulu Kalimantan, Borneo
  • No mention of harvesting practices
Kratom Specific 3
Madam Kratom Review

Montreal, QC

Maeng Da, Bali, Horn, Borneo, Kalimantan, Malay, Kapuas
  • No mention of harvesting practices
Kratom Specific 3
Kratom King Canada

Nanaimo, BC

Maeng Da, Bali, Horn, Papuas, Hula, Kali, Sumatra, Malay
  • No mention of harvesting practices
Kratom Specific 3
Kratom Source

Montreal, QC

Maeng Da, Bali, Malay, Indo, Bentuangie, Kapuas, Kali, Vietnam, Red/White/Green Vein Enhanced Strains
  • 100% pure & organic
  • Sourced from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia
  • Distributors are screened for quality and purity
Ecobotanical 2
Kratom Active

Vancouver, BC

Maeng Da, Bali, Malay, Horn,Hula Kalimantan, Papoau, Sumatra
  • Sourced from farms in SE Asia
  • Dried in a way that maintains a high alkaloid content
Kratom Specific 1


best place to buy kratom powder

We’ve taken the top kratom vendors from the vendors above to determine who sells the best Kratom. Take a look below for our Kratom Canada informational reviews; the first three are vendors of the highest quality kratom powder, in no particular order.

A family run business, producing some of the best quality and pure kratom available on the market. Their premium botanical pure harvest, gathered right from the source in Southeast Asia, goes under rigorous quality control before being considered for sale. Greenlife Kratom looks at freshness, cleanliness, quality drying, and packaging methods before they consider accepting new strains. Once the product arrives to them, they undertake their own testing which inspects for environmental pests, chemicals and pathogens. The product is de-veined and the stems are removed. The final step Greenlife Kratom takes is to grind the product into a micronized powder, ensuring they are sending out only the freshest product to their customers. The final product is sold for retail or wholesale and intended for research and /or craft making. Their site gives guidelines on how to use their kratom for incense making and the process for making soap.

Various forms of payment are accepted: E-transfer, COD, Mobile Cheque, Bank or Wire Transfer

More Info: FAQ


Madam Kratom

Madam Kratom is well known in Quebec for supplying quality Kratom. There are located in Montreal, QC and have great offers on the herbal leaf. Check out Madame Kratom reviews online, and check them out if you are in Quebec! Although they do not mention harvesting practice son their website, resources online state the quality is acceptable.

Offering over 30 strains of Kratom, Divine Shaman packages all of its kratom on demand and in small batches in order to guarantee freshness and overall maintenance of its high quality product. Their team of qualified botanists, lab techs and quality control members, conduct rigorous tests to ensure they are only putting out top strains for the customer. Conscious of the environment, their eco packing system helps lessen their carbon footprint with ever order that is shipped out. Best of all, they offer a 30 day guarantee on all of their products; if you’re not satisfied, send it back for an exchange or refund. As of very recently, Divine Shaman has notified their customers they will be stopping all retail orders; however, they do plan to return so definitely keep your eye out for when they’re back in the game. For further information, you can Contact Divine Shaman via their online form.

With an objective to only supply the best quality kratom, this Montreal based kratom vendor works directly with suppliers in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Every source is checked for quality and purity over and over to ensure the consistency of their 100% organic kratom. With similar quality and care to the previous 4 kratom vendors listed, with Kratom Source you are guaranteed to be purchasing a product that has been obtained from the most reputable suppliers worldwide. If you have any questions or concerns for the company, you should have no hesitation in contacting them; their customer service is outstanding according to various client reviews.

Various forms of payment are accepted: E-transfer or Bitcoin

More Info: FAQ

Contact: Online Form

Kratom Vendors – If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a Canadian vendor…

In the past, vendors in the USA picked up on Kratom selling before the Canadian market jumped full in. A google search of the top ranked best place to buy Kratom online result in the following, all of which seem to be suppliers out of the USA. The majority of the sites listed, provide shipping outside of the USA.

Kraken Kratom  

Offering the most popular strains of superior grade Kratom from in house and their industry trusted suppliers. Power, leaf, extracts and enhanced forms are available through the website and can easily be found in the advanced catalog search. Repeat customers can sign up to collect rewards on their purchase to redeem later. Payments made with bitcoins will benefit from a 10% discount. Answers to your questions can be found either in the FAQ on their page or by sending an email to


A one stop shop for all your plant extracts and herbal needs. Not only does Phytoextractum sell Kratom, they also have a wide range of leaf, powder and extracts of other natural sources including yerba, aloe vera and much more. Other products available on their side include coffee beans, Kambucha formulas, and accessories. Similar to Kraken Kratom, customers can also collect reward points with every purchase and are able to pay with bitcoins. Find answers to any of your burning questions by visiting their FAQ, filling out their online form, or sending an email over to

Coastline Kratom

A leader in the Kratom industry, Coastline Kratom offers 5 different strains of Kratom, in powder form: Bali, Borneo, Horned, Maeng Da, Malay. You can also purchase live Kratom plants directly from their site. For more information, you can submit your questions through their contact form or by sending an email to


At first glance, it seems that Kratomystic offers a similar selection of powders, extracts, enhanced strains, and capsules of Kratom for human consumption just as on other sites, however closer examination tells us differently.  

The objective information offered on their site about Kratom, as well as the disclosure that their products aren’t intended for human consumption, herbal medicine, or therapeutic consumption give the impression that they are in essence, promoting the product for anyone who chooses to buy but clearly stating that if you do choose to purchase for human consumption then it is a buy at your own risk policy. In their mission, they specifically state that they are wanting ‘to supply the industry with top quality products for education and further research in botany, ethnobotany, and biochemistry.’ At present, Kratomystic doesn’t sell internationally although they do plan to move this way in the future. Their FAQ covers basic info on things like  ordering and shipping; for more in depth answers to your questions, shoot them an email at

Authentic Kratom

Offering a selection of 16 varieties of Kratom, including various extracts, the site claims that their products are 100% authentic and are the perfect relaxant and energy booster. In the FAQ, they clearly state that since the FDA has not approved Kratom for human consumption, it is important to do your own research and speak to your health care provider if you are looking to use Kratom in any form or quantity. To search for a specific product, you can use their advanced search catalog. For further questions, contact them direct through on their online form.

Other sites, which have come up in online reviews and forums, for where to buy kratom online (Also in the USA) are:

Conclusion on Canadian Kratom

When looking to buy kratom in Canada the first thing you want to do is make sure you know what you are looking for in a vendor. If you follow our three guidelines on where to buy kratom online, you’ll have greater success in finding a trusted and reputable vendor to buy kratom from in Canada. If you’re unsure of where to start looking, refer back to our top 5 kratom Canada reviews for who sells the best kratom. There is plenty of Kratom for sale however, it isn’t always easy to know who to buy from. We’re sure that our review and guide has been able to direct you to the right source for all your kratom needs.

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